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The Exercise Plan That Works!

F.I.T.T Plans = FIT bodies.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve tried a variety of different workouts, exercise classes and 30-day challenges. All of which you’ve either become bored with or have fallen out of the habit of completing. The purpose of a F.I.T.T plan is to provide you with a structured exercise template. It needs to be re-evaluated every 6-8 weeks, ensuring you have an ‘off week’ to recharge and prevent yourself from becoming obsessed with an exercise plan, here’s how it works.

F= Frequency

How often do you need to exercise per week to achieve your goal?

I = Intensity

How intense does each session need to be to achieve your goal?

T = Type

Which type of exercise/ class/ sport will you complete to achieve your goal?

T = Time

How long does each session need to be to achieve your goal?

Implementing your plan

A successful plan MUST be personalised to you to factor in 4 essential elements;

  1. Your goal.

  2. Your current ability.

  3. Your lifestyle.

  4. Enjoyment!

Below is an example of a FITT plan we use to support our members. After 6-8 weeks on their plan, we will re-test to measure their progress and create a new plan to get them to the next level.

The importance of an ‘off-week’

An ‘off-week’ is a completely unstructured week providing our members with either; guilt free rest and recovery or the freedom to try a new class, or new activity – like nature hikes or open water swimming. This off-week is essential for mental as well as physical wellbeing. No-one, not even athletes train all year round. Every 6-8 weeks your body and mind need a break from structured training so that your muscles can fully restore and your motivation can recharge.

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