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Super Green Power Smoothie

Power up your mornings!

Start every morning with natural energy. We’ve experimented with lots of variations of green shakes to bring you a formula that’s packed full of nutrients, tastes great and doesn’t spike your blood sugar! Watch out for excessive fruit in conventional smoothies!

You will need.

A blender, knife and chopping board.

Ingredients – serves 4-6.

Mix and match our suggestions below to keep adding variety to your diet.

A handful of spinach / kale / beet greens

Juice of 1/2 a lime / lemon

1 kiwi / handful of berries

1/2 an avocado or for beginners 1/2 a green banana (buy them green and freeze them for more fibre and less sugar)

1/6 of a cucumber / 1 stick of celery (optional)

1/2 a thumb of ginger (optional)

5 sprigs of parsley (optional)

1 tsp of spirulina or wheatgrass powder

200ml of water / coconut water

200ml of unsweetened coconut / almond milk

5 ice cubes (if drinking immediately)

1 scoop of Form Nutrition Protein Powder


Add all the ingredients listed above into your blender.

Blitz for 30 seconds.

Enjoy immediately or pop in the fridge for later.

Caution: Side effects can include, unusually high energy, excessive smiling and possible bowel movements (there's a lot of fibre in there, I don't want you to be caught short on the way to work!)

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