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DayOne Wellness has now merged with Wellbeing People Ltd and is continuing to operate with the same level of expertise and care – the only change is that we are now branded Wellbeing People. 


Now united as Wellbeing People, we will still strive to positively impact as many people as possible. By joining together we’re able to inspire, engage, educate and empower even more people to make sustainable lifestyle changes.


Pip, founder of DayOne Wellness, said that ultimately it was an easy decision to merge due to the fact that Wellbeing People’s values and beliefs match DayOne’s exactly! 


Our combined values and beliefs are:

  1. to help more people to live healthier, happier lives

  2. to increase profitability and ensure optimal wellbeing is more sustainable for coaches & clients

  3. to have more fun!


DayOne Wellness’ signature programme Recalibrate Wellbeing® will continue to support individuals by simplifying wellbeing to help busy people upgrade their nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits one step at a time.


This dedicated website will enable you to find more details on the programme, download helpful resources & recipes, book a session with a certified coach near you and even train to become a certified coach.


Who are Wellbeing People?

Wellbeing People was formed in 2005 and has successfully provided wellbeing solutions to organisations, schools and the community ever since.  With the merger of DayOne Wellness and new investment in growth, Wellbeing People is able to offer a complete end to end wellbeing solution from engaging lightbulb moments to sustainable behavioural change that transform lives.


What’s happened to the co-founders of DayOne Wellness, Pip & Tom?


Pip & Tom continue to live their ethos of prioritising wellbeing through natural food, natural movement, and natural connection. In 2017 Tom secured his childhood dream job to join Kent’s emergency services and continues to be Pip’s wellbeing coach. Pip is now an investor in Wellbeing People and has been appointed as Wellbeing Director.

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